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AugenCentrum Münsingen

Matthias Baumann and Annika Thesker are looking forward to welcoming you at the AugenCentrum Münsingen, Bahnhofplatz 1a from 25 March 2019. The AugenCentrum Münsingen offers the entire spectrum of ophthalmology.



Annika Thesker
Barbara Sidler
Med. Practice Assistant
Cora Baer
Med. Practice Assistant


In addition to general eye examinations and preventive checks of age-related eye diseases, we specialize in cataract (cataract), eyelid and refractive surgery, as well as the treatment of macular degeneration. Learn more about our range of services.



AugenCentrum Münsingen

Bahnhofplatz 1A

T 031 721 58 33


Opening times

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7.30 - 12.00 und 13.15 - 17.00    

The telephone is operated from Monday to Friday.
Emergencies on weekends after telephone registration


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