Emergencies and acute eye disorders

(Short-term appointments can be allocated in case of emergency)

The following symptoms demand immediate medical attention:

  • Abrupt visual impairment
  • Perception of a bar or shadow (e.g. caused by retinal detachment)
  • Perception of light flashes or black spots and threads. These are symptoms of a posterior vitreous detachment, which can lead to a retinal tear. A simple laser treatment is necessary in order to prevent a subsequent detachment of the retina. This can be carried out in the practice.
  • Sudden perception of straight lines as curved or twisted
  • Acute double vision (diplopia)
  • Painful eye
  • A strongly reddened, bonded, festering, swollen eye
  • Foreign bodies (e.g. fine metal filings) must be removed before rust sets in and causes an inflammatory reaction or an infection.