Pre-operative examinations

The pre-operative examinations are designed to collect exact information about your eyes, which is necessary for vision correction and to minimize risks.

Patients who wear soft contact lenses are not allowed to wear these lenses one week before the examinations and calculations. In case of hard contact lenses, these should be avoided for 2 to 3 weeks before the measurements.

The following examinations are performed before any refractive surgery:

Anamnesis: Medical history of the patient including desired outcome and expectations.

Refraction: exact measurement of the current refractive error

Pachymetry: Measurement of the thickness of the cornea by ultrasound pachymetry, optical biometry or with a corneal topographer.

Cornea topography: Cornea topography is performed to measure the degree of astigmatism and corneal irregularities.

Pupillometry: Pupillometry is performed to measure the size of the pupil in the darkness.

General ophthalmological examination including slitlamp examination of the anterior and posterior segment (retina).

The goal of the preliminary cost-free examination is to find out if a vision correction in your case is possible and useful. Furthermore we would counsel you about the type of the operation and give you all necessary information. As specialists in the field of refractive surgery we use the most advanced technology for the treatment as well as for the pre-operative examinations. The question which treatment option is the most appropriate treatment for you depends on many factors. There is not a single best treatment option but the most appropriate option for you individually.