Heino Hermeking, MD

Medical director

Specialist training for ophthalmology at the eye clinic in Essen-Werden. 1988 Specialist title and position as senior consultant at the University Eye Hospital Wuppertal. Tutor at the medical faculty of the University of Witten Herdecke. Self-employed as a contract physician of the KV-NO with the foundation and development of an outpatient ophthalmological surgery centre at the Antonius Clinics in Wuppertal in 2000. Start of refractive activities in the form of laser treatment of the cornea and intraocular measures. Focus-best list of top medical doctors in Germany in the years 2004-2011. 2014 leading positions in ophthalmological institutions in Switzerland with focus on ophthalmic surgery. 2014 Swiss diploma in ophthalmology FMH and the specialist diploma in ophthalmic surgery. From 2020, leading medical function at the Augencentrum Zytglogge with almost complete surgical service spectrum with special emphasis on refractive surgery.

German, French, English

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